Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

The potential of AI in ageing research and its applications in the healthcare sector offers enormous opportunities. While the basic capabilities of the home entertainment products are functional, supervised and ready for the market, the development is still in the making, which is intriguing. Sources: 4, 7

The ageing population will drive the need for intelligent systems as well as the need for better and more efficient management of the health system. Sources: 7

The Singularity Hub discussion focuses on the idea that artificial intelligence will be the engine driving our approach to health care and healthy aging. If you have any questions about something you have read or would like to make an appointment to discuss the planning needs of yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Sources: 2, 7

In an area that has been plagued by fraud and deceit throughout history, ongoing research into ageing and longevity is crucial. Sources: 1

Artificial intelligence in healthcare has attracted the attention of venture capitalists, investors, and health professionals alike. AI health projects have raised more than $1 billion from startups, including two companies focused on longevity therapies. Buoyed by the success of London-based Babylon Health, which uses artificial intelligence to collect patient data, analyze information, compare data, and then make recommendations, AI Healthcare’s startups have made nearly $1.6 billion in the past year, according to the New York Times. Sources: 2

As the power of artificial intelligence increases, we see new hope for increasing longevity, and better knowledge is really the key to a better understanding of the human condition and the future of human health. Baltimore-based Biomedical Advances is a leader in aging biomarkers and longevity research, and is a key driver of how biomedical advances will transform the global economy. In 2012 they published a series of peer-reviewed research papers and two books, including “The Ageless Generation/”. Sources: 1

Deep learning is a machine learning method based on artificial neural networks and one of the newer techniques used in the search for aging biomarkers. Deep learning has been a key component of a number of recent advances in artificial intelligence research. Sources: 0

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